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Caring For Your Health

  • We are an independently owned, family-run business serving the local community. Our goal is to offer the purest, highest quality CBD products at the lowest prices. We are able to accomplish this by volume purchasing from non-public companies that are free of investor influence and solely driven by profits. Unlike franchised CBD stores, we are not limited to a single supplier or brand-name. Our desire is to be your destination CBD store, offering a wide variety of high quality products for your every need. When you walk in the door we want you to be confident that you are getting the best product for your money. We encourage you to come in and sample our oil and topical products before you buy.

  • Our wholesalers engage in natural farming practices using the highest quality industrial hemp and adhere to the highest standards from seed to shelf by keeping every step of production in-house. They self-regulate through various organizations, are subject to frequent inspections, and test throughout the production process. Each batch is also independently tested for potency and purity. All products are free of GMO's, additives, preservatives and pesticides. The 3rd party lab results are available at their websites or product page. In addition, QR codes are now becoming available on the majority of the packaging and can be scanned by your smart phone for batch test results. You won't find companies that are more transparent than our chosen wholesalers.

  • Our 10% Loyalty Program discount will apply to most regularly priced in-store purchases and special orders. To participate in the Loyalty Program, all we need is your name, email address and cell phone number, with payment made by cash or check. In addition to an ongoing 10% discount, you'll be notified of specials and new product offerings. All unopened non-perishable products purchased through the Loyalty Program, can be returned for refund or store credit within 30 days.   All credit and debit cards are accepted.

Natural Healing

  • We are dedicated to educating the public on medical uses of cannabinoids and other components of the cannabis and hemp plant. With the passage of the 2018 federal Farm Bill, availability of product and reduced pricing is sure to follow, making CBD more affordable and available to everyone. Benefits are reported to be numerous and include; reduced anxiety, stress and headaches, improved focus, muscle pain and inflammation relief, reduced insomnia, improved sleep and has been used treat certain serious medical conditions. If you have a pet that has anxiety problems, you'll be amazed with the results. Seeing the effect on pets will make a true believer of any skeptics. We invite you to come in and watch videos of your choosing, that explore the foregoing topics.   

Our Promise to You

  • As a community based store, we are interested in your input and suggestions. If you have a unique product that you like, please let us know what it is and we'll investigate whether it is something we can market successfully and if wholesale pricing is available. It does not have to be a CBD product. We are also interested in developing an Assistance Program where we sell CBD products at cost to deserving people that have limited resources. If a customer has a friend or loved-one they'd like to recommend to this program, let us know and we'll arrange a discounted sale to see if they benefit from CBD. All we ask is that they tell all their friends!